Artikkelnummer 1890512

Zildjian 24" Wind Gong with Black Logo

24" Zildjian Wind Gong - Klassisk kinesisk gong med stort dynamisk omfang

Kr 4925,00/stk

Wind Gongs are traditional Chinese instruments for use in symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles, drum corps, meditative and ceremonial settings. Flat in profile with no rim, wind gongs are thin and extremely responsive, producing characteristically shimmering tones across a wide dynamic range. When struck softly, the wind gong resonates with a low drone, and can crescendo to deliver sounds that are sharp, explosive, bright and splashy. Playing lightly with a snare drum or wooden stick creates bell-like tones like those of a grandfather clock. The Zildjian 24" Wing Gong has a high fundamental pitch and an intimate sound. This model features a black Zildjian logo on the front and back of the gong, with a black hanging rope.

  • Versatile gong for orchestra, drum corps and other musical settings
  • 24" diameter
  • Includes hanging rope
  • Black Zildjian logo on front and back
  • Responsive, shimmering sound with wide dynamic range