Artikkelnummer 1890552

Zildjian Gong Rollers

Klubber i spunnet garn av fineste kvalitet for å bruke på gong

Kr 1295,00/par

The Zildjian Gong Rollers are designed for sustaining long notes on a gong, whether quieter, low-pitched drones that rumble beneath the orchestra or ensemble, or crescendos that build to sharp, explosive accents. Rollers are yarn-wrapped in a large diamond shape, and come in lighter maple for easy movement around the face of the gong. Shorten your stroke with a single mallet, or quickly warm up the instrument with two. Sold in pairs.

  • For sustaining long notes on a gong
  • Execute low drones and smooth crescendos
  • Maple handles for quicker, shorter strokes around the instrument
  • Length: 36,17 cm
  • Head dia: 7,62 cm