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Zildjian Gou Gong 17" with Etched Logo

17" Zildjian Gou Gong - Eller Hmong Shaman Gong som den også kalles er en liten gong med varm & kort klang

Kr 4925,00/stk

The Gou Gong (sometimes called a Hmong Shaman gong) has rich history and tradition of healing, being used as a medicinal tool. This instrument is heavy and thick with a turned edge, and produces warm tones that are clear and linear, with less spread and overtones than traditional chau or wind gongs. Gou Gongs produce a higher fundamental pitch with shorter sustain, which can be stretched into longer sustained notes through repeated strokes. Their lower-volume sounds make them best suited for use in smaller ensembles and more intimate performance spaces. The Zildjian 17" Gou Gong features a small Zildjian logo etched into the front of the gong and a small black logo printed on the back of the gong, with a black hanging rope.

  • Focused sound with short sustain - ideal for intimate performance spaces
  • 17" diameter
  • Includes hanging rope
  • Small engraved Zildjian logo on front, black Zildjian logo on back
  • Works well for lower-volume gong sounds