Artikkelnummer 1891201

Zildjian 6" Practice Pad

6" øvingspad med Zildjian-logo. Inkl. monteringsfeste som passer cymbalstativer med 8 mm gjenger.

Kr 355,00/stk

The Zildjian Professional Practice Pad is a high-quality silicone pad, featuring a bold graphic design, a responsive playing surface and a solid base. Bottom side has a non-slip backing to keep the pad in place during use, as well as an 8mm mounting insert to enable attachment to a cymbal stand.

  • Great rebound and a unique design
  • 6" diameter
  • Printed silicone pad with MDF base, rubber non-slip backing
  • Zildjian crescent moon design on pad surface, black base
  • Threaded 8mm insert on back to attach to stand, plus non-slip backing for off-stand use