Artikkelnummer 8131012

SAKAE AXP1002 Axelandor Double Bass Drum Pedal

A high-performance aluminum footboard double kick pedal that uses proprietary design to enhance its functionality and usability, achieving both lightness and durability.

Kr 7495,00/stk

Easily adjustable multi-axle cam system

The proprietary multi-axle cam system allows for three levels of adjustments, ranging from a perfect circle to an eccentric circle. This allows different feelings of drive to be obtained, giving you a full range of control, from powerful and stable to delicate and nuanced. Additionally, by using the included key bolt tool, the adjustments can be performed without removing the cam or changing the footboard angle.

Natural action dual-tension bearing

Both ends of the tension spring provide a V-groove bearing. This eliminates friction and noise from the two ends that support the spring. Allowing smoother transmission with no loss caused by friction or load resistance, and simultaneously lengthens the lifespan of the hooks at the two ends of the spring.

Single-action tension spring adjustment

The proprietary mechanism allows for easy spring adjustment using either the included drum key or the knob cap. By simply turning the key bolt, you can tighten or loosen the tension, making fine adjustments smoothly. This mechanism lets you adjust the desired tension with minimal force while removing the need for a lock nut to prevent loosening.

Detachable heel plate

The proprietary heel plate can be attached or removed, allowing the footboard to be adjusted between short and long. Perfect for either heel-up or heel-down playing.

Lightweight aluminum footboard

A lightweight aluminum footboard allows for super smooth, powerful high-speed playing. Additionally, reducing the overall weight of the pedal while maintaining its strength and stability.  

Two types of beaters included

In addition to the high-durability resin head beater, a felt head beater is also included. Both are traditional round-head beaters which emphasize the balance between weight and sound.


Type: double pedal

Drive type: double chain

Beater shaft radius: 1/4"(Φ6.35mm)

Beater angle: 45° by default / ±22.5°

Cam: multi-axle cam system, adjustable on 3 levels

Footboard: Aluminum

Included items: traditional beater (with memory stopper included) x2, felt beater head x2, knob cap x2, Integrated drum key