Artikkelnummer 1850018

Zildjian 18" Low Volume Crash/Ride

Perfekt i alle øvingssammenhenger der lydvolumet må ned, eller bruk som en "stacker" sammen med et annet cymbal.

Kr 2250,00/stk

Not only are these designed to seamlessly integrate into an existing L80 cymbal set, they can be used as stacker cymbals or even as hi-hat components to create new and cool effects. Drummers around the world now have even more choices in the L80 range for their practice, education and performance needs.

  • 18" Crash/Ride
  • 70% - 80% quieter than traditional cymbals so that you can play longer without ear fatigue or hearing damage.
  • Proprietary manufacturing techniques and alloy deliver a real cymbal feel
  • Unique matte finish provides a sophisticated look.