Artikkelnummer 1893266

Zildjian T3266 DLX Weekender Bag

A great way to carry extras to the gig, or just travelling for fun.

Kr 620,00/stk

Made from strong and durable nylon, the Zildjian Deluxe Weekender Bag features a spacious layout and plenty of compartments to accommodate a drummer's needs on the road. Each zipper pull features a sunken matte Zildjian logo on both sides. Includes a comfortable shoulder strap.

  • Spacious, durable black nylon
  • Embroidered gold Zildjian logo
  • Smooth zipper pulls
  • Two side pockets
  • Large front zip pouch
  • Overall size: 47 x 25.7 x 30.5 cm
  • Compartment size: 35.5 x 20.3 x 22.8 cm
  • Integrated nylon shoe sleeve