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ID:CORE V4 - Award-winning programmable guitar amps


Free Architect software for deep editing & patch sharing online - Incredible tones from pristine clean to high gain - 12 built in effects in immersive Super Wide Stereo.- Patented ISF control for unlimited tonal flexibility - Inbuilt tuner.


Direct-to-phone TRRS audio for high quality sounding livestreaming or recording videos, making content creation with the ID:CORE V4 simple and intuitive. Store and recall your saved patches from the Architect software. The PB-1 powerbank (sold separately) allows for up to 9 hours of portable use with your ID:CORE V4. Power reduction down to 1W allows you to play at lower volumes without sacrificing tonal quality. The ID:CORE V4 40 is now louder than ever thanks to advancements in both hardware and software voicing.


Features direct USB recording, making your amp double up as an interface. Comes with the fully customisable ‘CabRig™ Lite’, Blackstar’s very own advanced speaker simulator that allows you to fine tune your recording sound. Now uses USB-C connectivity.