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Mapex T875 Throne Saddle with backrest

Stabil trommestol med sadelformet sete, ryggstøtte & fire dobbelstagede ben. Meget solid!

Kr 3095,00/stk

Mapex 800 Series Thrones are designed to be a solid foundation for any player. Rugged double-braced legs and threaded spindle construction provide ultra-reliable support and comfortable supportive seat features keep any drummer feeling good through even the most intense playing.

Compared to a traditional direct-contact seatmount, the 800 Series Ultra-Secure ClampMount features a 2-piece locking hinge whichboth disperses the drummer's weight evenlyand offers greater stability. Once adjusted to the desired height, the Spindle Lock secures the spindle in place fora sturdy playing experience. Enlarged and extra durable slip-proof feetkeep the throne in place on any surface.

With its 17" x 4" saddle-style cushioned top and adjustable back rest, the T875 throne is the pinnacle of support and comfort. The sloped leg openings of the biomechanically shaped seat provide a free range of motion while the raised center and back edge help the player to maintain balance. The addition of a 4th ove

• 43 x 10cm Thick Saddle-Style Cushioned Seat

• Soft Vinyl Covering and Adjustable Back Rest

• Ultra-Secure Clamp Mount

• The 48 to 63,5cm Threaded Steel Spindle HeightAdjustment with Spindle Lock

• Double-Braced Quad Legs

• Extra Large Slip-Proof Feet