Artikkelnummer 1901502

Vic Firth AJ2 American Jazz® 2

A 5A shaft for a light touch.

Kr 125,00/par

Developed for the player who is looking for ultimate rebound on the drums and cymbals, the American Jazz® line is comprised of six models which feature a long taper in the shaft for that great feel! The neck specifications are sizable enough to create dark cymbal sounds, and the small tear drop tip keeps everything in focus.

  • The AJ2 takes a 5A shaft and extends the taper for more rebound
  • Thin neck allows for more finesse and lighter touch
  • Hickory wood
  • Diameter: 1,44cm
  • Length: 40,64cm
  • Taper: Long
  • Tip/Shape: Hickory wood, Tear Drop
  • Series : American Jazz®
  • Surface Coating/Finish: Lacquer