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Den nye CAJ-100W cajon-serien fra Sakae. Nå tilgjengelig i Limited Edition Black - eller Blue faded finish.

Kr 3395,00/stk

Introducing the CAJ-100W, multi-type cajon. Designed from the ground up to be played on all four panels, including the back and sides. The sturdy frame structure allows for the use of thinner plywood, compared to a traditional cajon, which creates a rich harmonic resonance that will take your performances to the next level.

The tonality of each striking surface has been fine-tuned to ensure versatility and expressive power by varying the thickness and number of plywood layers. The resonant cords are snare wires, typically found on a snare drum, which deliver a crisp sound and quick decay. The resonator tension can be adjusted at both the top and bottom of the striking surface. For example, you could tighten the lower pitches and loosen the upper pitches so that different tones are produced when you strike different places. Additionally, the front surface is coated, allowing for the use of a brush to deliver maximum playability and expression.

The flagship CAJ-100W draws its inspiration from the structure of the djembe. Adding a unique and state-of-the-art resonance plate, never before seen in a cajon until now, allowing for a signature resonance and ultra-tight low-end frequency response. The resonance plate, shaped like an arc, has been created using drum shell technology. Taking advantage of the unique ideas that would be expected from a drum manufacturer.

The CAJ-100W perfectly convey the delicate nuances transmitted by the player's bare hands. Seamlessly capturing the dynamics and true essence of a rhythm instrument.


Front: Laminated wood (coated)

Sides/Back: Laminated wood

Built-in unique and state-of-the-art resonance plates for ultra-tight low-end frequency response.

Dimensions (W x D x H): 300 mm x 300 mm x 470 mm

Weight: CAJ-100W: 5.2kg