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Arturia Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne software bundle Download License

En nedlastingslisens for en fantastisk programvaresamling som tilbyr en full kreativ opplevelse, inkludert viktige virtuelle instrumenter, premium-effekter og perfekte lyder for enhver stil.

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The Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne is a premium exclusive software suite, containing the broadest selection of Arturia instruments and effects, alongside thousands of premium presets. This expansive second edition is your gateway to premium world-class sound, including legendary keyboards, iconic studio tools, state-of-the-art synths, and never-ending inspiration - welcome to the next step in your musical journey.

Instruments that inspire

Including both V Collection and Pigments, the Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne lets you lose yourself in ultra-powerful software instruments that unite past, present, and future. Go from perfectly-modeled analog machines, timeless pianos, evocative keyboards, and digital trailblazers to cutting-edge multi-engine architecture, letting you explore an infinite spectrum of sound.

Effects you’ll actually use

FX Collection combines world-class studio effects with creative plugins for modern producers, spanning everything from classic analog compressors to timeless contemporary reverbs, re-engineered and upgraded with unparalleled sound quality and an intuitive workflow. Enhance your music with the perfect effect for every task.

The sounds you’ve always wanted

You don’t just get plugins with the Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne; you also get a curated selection of over 4000 hand-crafted presets, including 2 dynamic V Collection expansion packs, plus best-selling banks inspired by your favorite artists, genres, and sound designers.

Built for modern production

Every title in this collection is geared towards your perfect DAW workflow, whether it’s the cutting-edge synth power of Pigments or the sought-after sound of vintage studio preamps. Unlock your true sonic potential with the ultimate virtual music-making tools.


• Over 33* iconic keyboard & synth software instruments from contemporary softsynths to vintage keyboard reproductions

• Over 26* virtual modern and creative effects & vintage studio gear emulations

• Recreated with advanced TAE® and Phi® modeling technologies

• Cutting-edge production & performance instruments Pigments and Analog Lab

• Including 50 additional world-class sound banks with over 4000 presets to expand V Collection, Pigments, and Analog Lab’s preset libraries

• Each instrument or effect can be used in your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), as a VST, AU, AAX, or NKS* plug-in

• Beautiful, incredibly detailed, high-res interfaces

• In-app tutorials

• No SSD or other hardware included. This is a DOWNLOAD VERSION ONLY.

Included Software:

• V Collection 9:

• Augmented STRINGS • Augmented VOICES • Korg MS-20 V • SQ80 V • CS-80 V • Prophet-5 V • Prophet-VS V • Piano V • Analog Lab V • Vocoder V • Jun-6 V • OP-Xa V • Mellotron V • Synthi V • CZ V • CMI V • Clavinet V • DX7 V • Buchla Easel V • Synclavier V • Emulator II V • B-3 V • Mini V • Stage-73 V • Matrix-12 V • Farfisa V • Solina V • SEM V • Jup-8 V • ARP 2600 V • VOX Continental V • Wurli V • Modular V

FX Collection 3:

• Dist TUBE-CULTURE • Dist OPAMP-21 • Efx FRAGMENTS • Tape MELLO-FI • Bus FORCE • Comp DIODE-609 • EQ SITRAL-295 • Chorus DIMENSION-D • Phaser BI-TRON • Flanger BL-20 • Chorus JUN-6 • Comp VCA-65 • Comp TUBE-STA • Comp FET-76 • Delay TAPE-201 • Delay BRIGADE • Delay ETERNITY • Rev PLATE-140 • Rev INTENSITY • Rev SPRING-636 • Pre 1973 • Pre TridA • Pre V76 • Filter MINI • Filter M12 • Filter SEM


Exploration Sound Library

Over 4000 additional presets to expand V Collection, Pigments, and Analog Lab’s preset libraries

• Please note: you will have access to the latest up-to-date version(s) of the software titles included in Sound Explorers Collection Belledonne at the time of registration.