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The new standard in keyboard stands

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The Standard-S-ABK is ideal for setups with an 61-note keyboard. Made of aluminum pipe with a black finish, this stylish stand securely supports your instrument in a functional and beautiful way. The height, angle, depth, and number of levels of tiers (keyboard racks) can be adjusted, letting you create the best settings for your equipment set up. As you would expect from this all-aluminum unit, it's superbly light and portable, making it a great choice for stage, studio, or any situation. The Standard-L-ABK sets a new standard for keyboard stands.

- An ideal stand for setups with an 61-note keyboard

- Aluminum pipe and limited-height compact size allow an ultra-lightweight design

- Quick release mechanisms allow quick setup and takedown without the need for tools

- Stylish design that accentuates the performance of any keyboard player

Ideal for 61-note keyboards

This keyboard stand is appropriate for supporting 61-note keyboards such as the KORG KRONOS 61, KROME 61, KROSS 61, and KingKORG that are played from a seated position.

Aluminum pipe allows ultra-lightweight design

Completely made of aluminum pipe, the Standard-S-ABK is lightweight, weighing no more than 5.9 kg (13lbs). Despite the elegant appearance and minimal weight, it will securely support your keyboard setup. When disassembled, it becomes extremely compact and portable.

Quick release mechanism allows smooth setup

Setup is quick, easy and requires no tools. Thanks to a quick release cam lever mechanism the frame can be quickly disassembled for easy setup or takedown.

Stylish design that emphasizes the role of the player

The Standard-S-ABK features the strong and beautiful functionality of aluminum pipe. By lowering the pipe height we achieved a compact design, and the restrained black-colored aluminum design emphasizes the stage presence of the player.

Tier height and angle can be quickly and easily adjusted

The outside knob lets you adjust the height of the tier (keyboard rack) and the inside lever lets you adjust the angle over a smooth range without gradations. The adjustable height can accommodate seated or standing performance, and since the tier easily separates from the fixed unit, you can adjust the stand to your height of choice during rehearsal, and then disassemble and transport it knowing you will have the same settings at the actual performance. By adding a separately sold tier adaptor, you can easily position your instruments at the most comfortable playing angle, for example by keeping the lower instrument flat while tilting the upper instrument slightly towards you.

Keyboard holders allow the width and depth to be adjusted

Two polymer keyboard holders with excellent retention strength are included. By adjusting the position of the holders, you can accommodate a variety of keyboard shapes and sizes. To hold a small synthesizer, controller or performance instrument, you can narrow the spacing between the two holders for a compact layout. For a two-level setup, you can adjust the lower holder toward yourself and the upper holder away from yourself so that the upper and lower instruments do not overlap, ensuring that each will be in a convenient playing position. During transport, or when not in use, the holders can fit between the two pipes of the tier for compact storage.

Add dedicated separately sold accessories to create two-level setups

The Standard-S-ABK allows a high degree of expandability. Also available in the lineup is the separately sold STA-S-B tier adaptor package which includes a tier and two keyboard holders. This lets you use the Standard-S-ABK as a two-level stand.


  • Dimensions: 1,250 (W) x 600 (D) x 950 (H) mm / 49" x 24" x 37"
  • Weight: 6,3 kg / 13.9 lbs.
  • Maximum Keyboard Width : 1,130 mm / 44.5" or less
  • Range of Height Adjustment: approximately 650–950 mm / 26"–37"
  • Load Capacity: 30 kg / 66.1 (per tier)
  • Accessories (sold separately): STA-S-B tier adapter, SKH-B keyboard holder (set of two)
  • Examples of Compatible Products:
  • Other products that are within these dimensions and weight limits