Artikkelnummer 1102021

Ernie Ball 2021 Paradigm Regular Slinky

Paradigm Slinky. Great tone and lasts Longer

Kr 225,00/pk

Ernie Ball Paradigm Regular Slinky, strings for electric guitar.

Ernie Ball Slinky Paradigm Electric guitar strings provide unprecedented strength and longer life while retaining 100% Slinky tone and feel. Ernie Ball's industry leading ultra-high strength steel is included in both the wound and plain strings along with a patented reinforcement at the ball end twist of each plain string to provide superior tensile and fatigue strength for strings that lock into tune fast and hold up under the most stressful playing styles and conditions.

Ernie Ball 2021 Paradigm Regular Slinky contains:

  • E:010
  • B:013
  • G:017
  • D:026 wound
  • A:036 wound
  • E:046 wound