Artikkelnummer 1105334

Ernie Ball EB-5334 Royal Crest Jacquard Strap

The world's number one Polypro guitar strap in Jacquard.

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Ernie Ball Royal Crest Jacquard Strap - 5334

Good-looking, comfortable and strong are three words that describes Ernie Balls Jacquard-straps. It does not matter if you play acoustic guitar, or an electric guitar or bass, these straps will do the job for you. Still, maybe the best thing with these straps is that with this many different great designs there is a strap for everybody

  • Width: 5cm (2")
  • Adjustable from 107 cm to 183 cm


The world's number one polypro guitar strap is now available in an array of stylish new designs, featuring machine-stitched leather ends with durable yet comfortable polypropylene webbing. Extra long design for any application. Strap length measures 106 cm inches to 183 cm at total length.