Artikkelnummer 2203488

Celestion G12M-50 HEMPBACK 8R

Smooth and “smoky” sound that’s musical and responsive - 12" - 50W

Kr 1750,00/stk

Combining a hemp cone specifically chosen for its tonal character and a medium-weight (35oz) ceramic magnet, the G12M-50 Hempback takes Celestion tone in an exciting new direction.Well defined and powerful, the Hempback delivers a thump in the low end, a finely balanced midrange (with just a little Celestion crunch thrown in) and smooth, singing highs.

It all adds up to a speaker that’s perfect for deploying with brighter sounding amps, where a more laid back feel is required. Load up a Hempback for a smooth and “smoky” sound that’s musical and responsive, and let your hemp tone shine through.

General Specifications

  • Nominal diameter: 12", 305mm
  • Power rating: 50W
  • Nominal impedance: 8Ω
  • Sensitivity: 99dB
  • Chassis type: Pressed steel
  • Voice coil diameter: 1.75",44.5mm
  • Voice coil material: Round copper
  • Magnet type: Ceramic
  • Magnet weight:  0.99kg
  • Frequency range: 75-5000Hz


Mounting Information

  • Cut-out diameter:  283mm
  • Diameter: 12.2",309mm
  • Magnet structure diameter: 5.9", 150mm
  • Mounting slot PCD: 11.7", 297mm
  • Number of mounting slots: 8
  • Overall depth: Overall depth
  • Unit weight:  3.6kg