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BluGuitar AMP1 Iridium Edition

Metall-utgaven av den utrolige AMP1.

Kr 9295,00/stk

Iridium Edition is a completely redesigned, uncompromisingly metal-voiced, all analogue 100 watts Nanotube™ pedalboard amp with a sparkling clean channel and three independent, discrete high gain channels – rich, tight, chug!

4 Channels – Three independent, discrete OVERDRIVE channels deliver rich and tight distortion sounds that can be changed in gain structure and timbre. Each of these channels offers different attack, response and dynamics. The CLEAN channel with its massive headroom and treble reserves gives even mid-heavy humbuckers transparent, sparkling clean sounds.

MODERN: With its extremely high gain reserves, this channel delivers crystal-clear string separation through a massive low-cut, and the Custom Control TONE knob lets you dial from a “cut thru the mix” solo sound to the typical “maximum brutality” mid scoop.

CLASSIC: Due to the hard distortion characteristics and the specially tuned bass filter, this channel is percussive and significantly wider and harder in the mid-range than VINTAGE. The mid-range can be shaped by the Custom Control TONE from “Hot Rodded British High Gain” to “German wall of sound“

VINTAGE: Tight and mid-emphasized woody sounds that are transmitted tightly especially using extreme low tunings while delivering creamy mid- range distortion.

CLEAN: Massive headroom thanks to the 100 watt power amp and treble reserves, which give even mid-emphasized humbuckers a transparent, sparkling clean sound. Optimal platform for pedals like shimmer reverb, modulation or delay.

The AMP1™ Iridium Edition features an adjustable gain/boost function that is placed in front of all four channels like a pedal, as well as a metal-essential, high-efficiency noise gate with three different levels of sensitivity.

Boost – Use the custom control knob to adjust the amount of gain. It has a moderate mid hump to give cleaner sounds more definition, or to give overdriven sounds more gain without turning muddy. Cranked all the way up, it will sound more like an overdriven preamp or a Tube Screamer, giving you even richer tones for creamy yet tight overdrive sounds.

Noise Gate – The Noise Gate offers three positions:

METAL: Extremely fast and hard. High gain playing and staccato riffs become sharper, and palm muted parts clean up with no unwanted noise.

OFF: In this position, the noise gate is deactivated.

SOFT: In this position the Noise Gate is extremely sensitive and responds to the lowest signals, so the quietest nuances are still audible without being cut off.

Speaker Simulation - The loudspeaker simulation of the AMP1™ Iridium Edition is analog and is voiced specially for metal sounds. A special Current Feedback creates an authentic tube amp feel with punch and bite.

In order to realize even more authentic loudspeaker simulations, "IR" (impulse responses) are also often used. To do this, the internal (analog) speaker simulation of the AMP1™ Iridium Edition can be turned off, so you can use the impulse responses of your favorite cabinet.

  • All analog – 100% metal voiced – Nanotube™ driven.
  • High plate voltage NanoTube
  • All analog signal path
  • Dynamic 100W tube power
  • 4 channels
  • Noise Gate
  • Boost
  • Speaker Simulation
  • Parallel/serial FX loop
  • Programmable with REMOTE 1/MIDI1
  • Further footswitch options