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DMI Guitar Labs Fret Butter™ - BTTR

Den overlegent beste og enkleste rengjøring for ditt gripebrett

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Fret Butter™ is a unique and simple patended proprietay solution for your stringed instrument's fingerboard.

Fret  Butter™ hydrates the wood and removes grime and oxidation from your frets in one simple application. The result is a clean and hydrated fingerboard with shining frets and a satinsmooth finish protecting against sweat, acids, metal corrosion, and string abrasion.
The Fret Butter cloth is an applicator and used to apply the Fret Butter to the finger board and frets. A simple terry cloth rag is then used to rub and polish the fingerboard and frets simultaneously. Depending on the amount per use, we are experiencing approximately 10 cleanings per single unit.

  • Removes Fingerboard Grime

  • Superior and more effective than other products

  • Hydrates the fingerboard leaving it with a satin touch

  • Removes Oxidation from Frets

  • Prevents corrosion from sweat, acids, and other destructive elements

  • Safe for Nitro, Poly, UV Catalyzed, and Waterborne Finishes

  • Used by world class Luthiers

  • Contains no lemon oil


How to Use Fret Butter™?

Far superior to competitors products for professionals as well as for anyone interested in cleaning and maintaining their instruments, Fret Butter is highly effective and very easy to use! 

  • The Fret Butter cloth is an applicator used to apply Fret Butter to the finger board and frets

  • Buff with terrycloth vigorously continuously folding until the blackness has been lifted from the fingerboard

  • Re-sealable with multiple cleanings per cloth!

  • Fresh vanilla smell

  • Do not use on Maple fingerboards