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KORG KA-189 - 9V DC Power supply

9V DC power adapter, suitable for e.g. effect pedals, tuners, etc.

Kr 280,00/stk

KORG KA-189 - 9V DC Power adapter

Power supply 9V DC 1A (1000mA). This power adapter provides 9V DC current for most effect pedals, tuners, etc, requiring 9 volts of power. Check specifications on your product to ensure this adapter is the right fit.

  • Output plug: BARR 5,5x2,1mm (DC-Plug)
  • Polarity: C- (negative in the middle)
  • Output voltage: 9V DC
  • Output current: Up to 1000mA
  • E.g. suitable for effect pedals, tuners,  etc.