Sometimes less is more!

Meet the sE4100 and T1, the latest additions to our renowned range of large-diaphragm true-condenser microphones. These cardioid-only versions of the multi-pattern sE4400 and T2 microphones come with the same sleek design and warm, smooth sound, making them an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, such as drum overheads and guitar amps. Featuring the very same hand-crafted twin 1“ gold and titanium-sputtered brass capsules as the sE4400 and T2 – the sE4100 and T1 are true workhorses that deliver incredible results on a wide range of sources, from vocals to grand pianos, acoustic and brass instruments, to electric guitar cabs and percussion. Also available as factory-matched pairs, the sE4100 and T1 are rigorously tested, tuned in-house, and sonically matched – enabling a more comprehensive range of applications, such as drum overheads or spot miking to create an immersive stereo image.