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Hagström Dark King

  • Forged in the tradition of Hagstrom's profoundly successful Three Kings series of Limited Edition guitars, the Dark King bring the elegant power of their forefathers to a broader audience. 

Free Zildjian Cymbal bag

  • Free Zildjian cymbal bag on selcted Zildjian pre-packed cymbals sets. Valid June 5 through July 31, 2018 and/or upon availability. Check with your dealer now for more details...



Høyaktuelle Produkter

ESI MoCo monitor controller provides perfect control over the playback volume of your studio monitors.
790,- /stk
(632,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2507020
Profesjonell bluetooth-mottaker
1325,- /stk
(1060,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4841700
Bass Cabinet - 4x10"
7595,- /stk
(6076,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1524641
Active 12" Loudspeaker - 2000 Watt
9450,- /stk
(7560,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1398468
No compromise, high-performance noise-isolating earphones. Extended response
2125,- /stk
(1700,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1173020
2-channel 20-Watt all tube Mini-Head with microphone Simulated Direct ouput via XLR or USB.
4550,- /stk
(3640,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 7314152
The Rane SEVENTY-TWO is a premium 2-channel mixer built for the pro club and scratch DJ
18750,- /stk
(15000,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4866172
5-Piece drum mic set that offers everything you need to achieve great sounding drums live or in the studio.
(2180,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1518077
Korg SV-1-MR Stage Vintage Piano. Limited Edition Metallic Red body of 2017 vintage.
16895,- /stk
(13516,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 8109955
Artikeln har utgått och är ej tillgänglig för beställning
14 channel stereo mixer with digital effects including Antares® Auto-Tune® pitch correction , USB media playback and Bluetooth connectivity.
4725,- /stk
(3780,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 7312682
En av de beste analoge og monofoniske synthene som noensinne er laget! Like fleksibelt som et modulærsystem, men du kan lage presets. Arturia har ikke spart på noe med denne synthen.
19995,- /stk
(15996,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2405511
All-in-one compact PA system. Perfect solution for the mobile DJ and smaller events.
4950,- /stk
(3960,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 3909151
Medium Capacity Bar Fridge (74 liters) - The coolest icon in music just got cooler.
3995,- /stk
(3196,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2790032
Professional Direct Drive Turntable with true quartz lock
7295,- /stk
(5836,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4847512
Toby Keith Signaturmodell i Jumbo-utførelse. Designet i samarbeid med en av countryverdens største superstjerner og bygd etter hans eksakte spesifikasjoner.
23495,- /stk
(18796,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4206250
Studio Monitor Stands
1175,- /par
(940,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1518323
Professional direct drive turntable with straight tone arm
5895,- /stk
(4716,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1763152
5-trommers Storm Series Fusion Drum set - Ebony Blue Grain. Inkluderer 20x16 basstromme, 10x7 og 12x8 tammer, 14x12 gulvtam, 14x 5 skarp, TH656 tamholder, pedal og stativer.
6795,- /pk
(5436,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4061206
19" universal equipment rack - 12HE
2450,- /stk
(1960,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1518432
VOX MV50 ROCK GUITAR AMPLIFIER Analog pre-amp featuring the revolutionary Nutube. Monster sound, minimal size – the MV50 is the ultimate modern rock´n roll amp.
2150,- /stk
(1720,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 8046904
USB Microphone with Broadcast Stand and Cable
695,- /stk
(556,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4850261
7.1 - Surround Monitor Controller
13250,- /stk
(10600,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2101071
4-channel (store and recall) solid state combo amplifier with built-in digital effects, 30W with 10” speaker. The variety of tonal options in this amp are sure to compliment any style
2075,- /stk
(1660,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2792130
KeyLab Essential - an affordable, yet fully-featured range of universal MIDI controller keyboards.
1995,- /stk
(1596,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2402323
Peavey's Nashville™ Series has long been the standard for steel guitarists, and the company's support of this genre continues with the Nashville™ 112. A perfect sized Steel-Guitar combo for rehearsals and gigs with
6595,- /stk
(5276,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 7361502
Et kjært gjensyn. CE24 er tilbake, bedre enn noengang.
21995,- /stk
(17596,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 16110AA07
Comfortable and compact DJ headphones
475,- /stk
(380,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1766060
The Zildjian City Pack is the perfect combination of sound and practicality. 
5300,- /pk
(4240,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1819248
Intelligent Dual-Display controller for Serato DJ
6795,- /stk
(5436,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4870072
Takamine EF360GF er en eksakt reproduksjon av Glenns absolutt første Takaminegitar -
16895,- /stk
(13516,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4206360
New compact size. Provides a comfortably tacky grip on any drumstick or mallet.
80,- /stk
(64,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1890796
Motorized DJ control system without the hassle of fragile needles and skipping tone arms.
7895,- /stk
(6316,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4866212
2000 Watt - 12"- ultra-compact powered subwoofer for installation and highly portable entertainment applications.
11250,- /stk
(9000,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1398471
All-in-one, water-resistant portable PA speaker
5395,- /stk
(4316,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4845901
Modern studio monitor stand
1575,- /stk
(1260,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 25526754
Rane MP2015 tabletop rotary mixer with dual USB ports, submix bus, extensive EQ and high-resolution sound.
28350,- /stk
(22680,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4866125
Internet Radio and Media Player with Bluetooth and Spotify Connect
3575,- /stk
(2860,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4840732
Rechargeable Portable PA with Headset Wireless System and Bluetooth®
3725,- /stk
(2980,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1516008
VOX MV50-AC GUITAR AMPLIFIER. Analog pre-amp featuring the iconic tones of classic VOX AC. Monster sound, minimal size – the MV50 is the ultimate modern amp.
2150,- /stk
(1720,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 8046900
Broadcast Video Streaming System
2895,- /stk
(2316,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4850200
Powered studio monitor with professional performance and accuracy for recording, mixing, mastering and playback. Electric Silver editon
1395,- /stk
(1116,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 1772057
Professional media player with 7" multi-touch display and on-board music file analysis
17395,- /stk
(13916,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4847295
CD/Media Player with Tempo Control
2375,- /stk
(1900,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 4840633
The ultimate rock, hardcore and metal amplifier with its raw tone, relentless power and road-proven reliability.
9450,- /stk
(7560,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 7301512
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