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K.2 Series

The QSC K.2 Series represents the best-in class loudspeaker for today’s demanding audio professionals. The perfect combination of elegant design, superior audio performance, high functionality, simple and intuitive operation, and genuine QSC reliability, K.2 delivers extraordinary results for users in both portable and installed applications.

  • Best in class audio performance
  • 2000 Watt Class-D amplifier module
  • Factory Presets and savable/recallable scenes for commonly-used applications
  • Multi-function digital display for control and selection of loudspeaker functions including cross-over, EQ, delay and frequency contour
  • Intrinsic Correction™ tuning and loudspeaker management
  • DMT™ (Directivity Matched Transition) design provides excellent power response and consistent performance across the listening area
  • Refined, professional appearance looks great in any application
  • Rugged ABS enclosure for long life and lasting durability
  • Deployment in either main PA or floor monitor position
  • Dual pole cup mounts (standard and 7.5 degree down-tilt)
  • M10 fittings for flown applications
  • Optional security panel prevents unauthorized tampering of controls
  • Complete EASE and CAD information available online
  • 6-Year Warranty with registration
  • More information: QSC.com - K.2
  • Aktiv 8" 2-veis høyttaler - 2000 Watt
    9150,- /stk
    (7320,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398464
  • Aktiv 10" 2-veis høyttaler - 2000 Watt
    9795,- /stk
    (7836,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398466
  • Aktiv 12" 2-veis høyttaler - 2000 Watt
    11195,- /stk
    (8956,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398468
  • Bag til QSC K8 og K8.2
    1075,- /stk
    (860,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398448
  • Bag til QSC K10 og K10.2
    1275,- /stk
    (1020,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398450
  • Bag til QSC K12 og K12.2
    1425,- /stk
    (1140,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398452
  • Yoke mount for K10.2 speaker.
    1995,- /stk
    (1596,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398480
  • Yoke mount for K12.2 speaker.
    (1720,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398482
  • Yoke mount for K8.2 speaker.
    1825,- /stk
    (1460,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1398478
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