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  • Powerful analog bass sound creation with an Electribe-inspired sequencer for the ultimate bass lines.
    1675,- /stk
    (1340,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010262
  • A polyphonic digital synthesizer that completely reproduces a classic FM sound engine.
    1675,- /stk
    (1340,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010265
  • The ideal introductory synthesizer, with a simple – yet powerful – polyphonic analog sound engine and loop sequencer
    1675,- /stk
    (1340,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010261
  • An analog kick generator that delivers powerful sounds from kick drum to kick bass
    1450,- /stk
    (1160,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010266
  • A powerful bass synth with a sound source based around a vacuum tube oscillator. The acid bass machine with the pinnacle of modulation and distortion.
    2095,- /stk
    (1676,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010259
  • A new generation volca sample with more memory, features, and connectivity to take your beat making further than ever before.
    1750,- /stk
    (1400,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 8010258
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