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Brushes & More

Vic Firth offers a broad variety of “brushes” to deliver a traditional sound or create bold new sound colors. Each model makes its own musical statement and provides the opportunity for an extensive range of effects.
  • The Cajon Bru-llet marries elements of a brush and a mallet to brilliantly translate both slap and bass tones to the cajon!
    530,- /par
    (424,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1904014
  • A retractable wire brush with a wood handle provides a natural feel in the hand.
    530,- /par
    (424,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1904022
  • A retractable wire brush featuring heavy gauge wire with a small, round bead on the tip of each strand. For an added sharp snap on cymbals and drums.
    470,- /par
    (376,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1904023
  • A retractable wire brush featuring light gauge wire and a smooth rubber handle. Fast and easy to play.
    365,- /par
    (292,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1904021
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