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Sakae Walnut 14" x6,5" Skarptromme - SD1465WNJ

Made in Japan - 14" x6,5" Sakae Walnut - Utrolig fin skarptromme produsert i Sakaes Lab-factory i Osaka, Japan.

Kr 8795,00/stk


We are extremely proud to present the new lineup of Japan-made Custom Snares by SAKAE OSAKA HERITAGE.

These new Made in Japan Snares embody the culmination of  the knowledge, scrutiny,  and experimentation behind every SAKAE product. Sakae is renowned for the finest craftsmanship and many years of experience in drum making for Sakae and brands as well.  These new Made in Japan Snares are hand-crafted by our artisans in Sakae’s Lab-factory in Osaka, Japan.

The new lineup of Snares comprises 2 models, Phosphor Bronze and Walnut. Both are available in 14"x6.5" and 14"x5.5", complete with a Sakae branded soft case.

These new Japan-made custom snares mark a new milestone in SAKAE’s pursuit of the best sound, quality and playability.



Selecting the finest Walnut, our skilled technicians refine the shells in our Lab-factory in Osaka to ensure a wide sound range, loudness, and a unique tone that only Walnut can deliver.

Sakae Walnut Snares are available in 2 sizes, 14"x 6.5" (approximately 35.6 x 16.5cm) and 14"x 5.5" (approximately 35.6 x 14 cm).

These snares have a very distinct and delicate sound that will be the perfect fit in your music.


The shell WALNUT is made of 7ply, 7.2mm and has a well-balanced snare sound with a rich, crisp midrange.


The thicker than normal Ultra High-Carbon wires provide a quicker and  sharper response.


The Japan Custom Snare comes with SAKAE’s popular Mighty Halo; the top edge of the hoop faces inwards so the harmonics are more controlled and delivers a more powerful sound.


Shaved-out reinforced Diecast lugs provide ultra-fast sound transmission. Providing a quicker and sharper sound.


Effortlessly adjust snare tension with the highly-accurate and easy to use Sakae strainer.