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ARTURIA Sound Explorers Collection Software bundle

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25 world-class instruments, 15 effects, and over 8000 stunning presets in one all-encompassing selection. Introducing the Sound Explorers Collection - a unique box set commemorating 20 years of Arturia, strictly limited to 1000 units worldwide.


  • A 250GB SSD hard drive containing the ultimate selection of Arturia software titles
  • V Collection 7 - 24 iconic vintage synths in software form
  • Analog Lab 4 - browse and customise all Arturia presets in a single interface
  • Pigments - a mind-bending softsynth with limitless sound design capabilities
  • FX Collection - 15 circuit-accurate studio effect emulations
  • 8000+ presets - instant, endless inspiration
  • 40 best-selling soundbanks - specially-curated sounds for every style
  • Once all features are installed, the hard drive can be used as a storage device

What's included?

The Arturia Sound Explorers Collection comes on a limited-edition 250GB hard drive. This outstanding bundle gives you unlimited access to timeless sounds, studio-grade effects and inspiring workflows, designed to elevate your creative process to new heights. Let’s take a closer look at what’s included...

V Collection 7

The most iconic instruments of all time, guaranteed to capture your imagination. The warm flutters of Mellotron V, the glistening overtones of DX-7 V, the velvet-smooth polyphony of Jup-8 V - and everything in between. These are the true classics, brought back to life with dazzling realism and responsiveness thanks to our TAE and Phi modeling technology.

V Collection 7 is the most comprehensive virtual anthology of vintage synths and keyboards ever made.  

Analog Lab

Losing creative time to preset tweaking? Need quick inspiration? Analog Lab removes the barriers so you can freely express your musical style.

Effortlessly browse and customise thousands of V Collection 7 presets in a single user-friendly interface. Enjoy immediate access to a curated range of sounds for every purpose. Hone in on the perfect patches with a detailed search feature. You'll be there in no time.


Virtual analog, wavetable, granular and sampling in one inspiring instrument. Endless modulation, filter and FX functionality at your disposal. A fully-customisable sound designer's dream with game-changing capabilities.

We poured our passion for all-things-synthesis into creating what we think is the ultimate software synth. Immensely powerful, undeniably mind-bending and just plain fun. This is Pigments, and it’s going to change the way you make music forever. 

FX Collection

Revitalize your sound with circuit-accurate emulations of the most iconic effect and studio tools ever made. Time-honored gear that truly changed the sound of music as we know it, supercharged with exciting new features for the modern producer.

From golden-era tube compressors to dream-like digital reverbs, FX Collection promises to breathe new life into your mix - whatever your style. 

40 best-selling preset packs

In addition to the 8000+ presets included V Collection 7, Analog Lab and Pigments, the Sound Explorers Collection features over 700 additional expertly-crafted presets from our Sound Store.

40 banks compiled with specific styles, eras and inspirations in mind. From razor-sharp lead tones to warm evolving pads, that elusive sound in your head is just a click away. 

20 years of Arturia

20 years of crafting inspiring instruments. 20 years of providing musicians with tools to create unforgettable performances. 20 years with you by our side: musicians, producers, and sound engineers, all sharing the same passion, all looking for deeper inspiration to elevate music to the next level.

Join us in celebrating Arturia’s moment in sonic history.