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ARTURIA Pigments 4 - Download

Nedlastingskode for Pigments Polychrome-programvaresynthesizer computer-plugin

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Pigments 4

New features:

See color in your sound like never before.

With updates to every single module, Pigments 4, free for existing Pigments users,lets you discover your own wavelengths on an infinite spectrum of sound - redefined, optimized, and unleashed.

New looks for your setup

Customize Pigments’ appearance to suit your style and your flow.

_New graphical interface

Easier to navigate than ever, Pigments’ design has been totally optimized for quick, intuitive, and enjoyable sound exploration.

_Play Mode

Take a step back and enjoy a simplified overview of your entire sound, with stripped-back modules and hands-on macros.

_Light Mode

If you prefer working with brighter interfaces with more contrast, opt for a less nocturnal vibe and enjoy a sleek off-white redesign.

The best sound design workflow yet

The biggest upgrades to Pigments’ fluidity, customization, and versatility yet.

_Quick modulation editing

Single-click visual modulation just got easier: you can now simply click and drag your modulation source to its destination, and quickly adjust its depth by hovering over the parameter.

_Quicker feature navigation

Flick between options in an instant for any of Pigments’ multimode modules with added left-right buttons.

_LFO presets

For when you need a quick and simple modulation, Pigments’ LFOs now come with 6 familiar waveform presets, from sine to random.

_FX & Seq bypass

If you need to focus and check the synth engines, you can now quickly bypass both the FX and Seq sections from the Synth and Play Mode views.

_New sync modes

Create dynamic rhythmic ideas by blurring the lines between straight, triplet, and dotted sync within Pigments’ modulators.

_MTS-ESP microtuning compatibility

Pigments is now compatible with ODDSound’s microtuning software MTS-ESP, designed in conjunction with Aphex Twin.

Enhanced engines

Take Pigments’ multi-engine voice further with additional creative features.

_Wavetable engine

Sprinkle some warbling tremolo movement and metallic character by swapping frequency modulation for the new Ring Mod feature, and harness a new Pulse Width mode for the Phase Transformation section.

_Harmonic engine

Uncover new harmonic territory and pitch alterations with Phase Modulation, and give your patch a subtle organic edge with the option to randomize the phase of the engine’s partials.

_More Unison options

The Unison control is now uniform across all engines, with the addition of a Unison Phase control for Wavetable and Sample voices.

_Modulator Oscillator

Go deeper into the dedicated Mod Osc with Ratio options and an extended hertz range from 0.100 to 20,000.

New effects & filters

Throw additional colors into the mix with more choice than ever.

_MS-20 Filter

Unleash deeper bass than ever and crank the grit with the notorious screaming response of the classic MS-20 filter, with HP6 and LP12 modes.

_Shimmer Reverb

Inject cathedral-in-outer-space ambience and cinematic detail into any sound with the Shimmer Reverb effect, complete with 2 octaves of pitch-shift and built-in modulation.

_Super Unison

Mimic ultra-wide ensemble timbres with a single voice using Super Unison, a swaying chorus-like effect that detunes, spreads, and enlivens any sound.

_Effects & filter improvements

Pigments’ Bitcrusher has doubled in size with Jitter, Scale, and extra Downsampling options, the Jup-8 V filter now has FM control, and both the Multi Filter & Distortion algorithms feature a Notch Filter mode.

Fresh sound exploration

Refined expansions to every aspect of Pigments’ sonic library.

_New factory presets

A distilled selection of the hardest basses, leads, pads, and percussive sounds for modern production, from ambient to drill to soundtrack composition.

_63 new wavetables

Navigate a massive array of crushed filtered sounds, monstrous peaks, resonant vowel-like sweeps, and more.

_67 new samples

From rattling 808 bass to hang drum resonance to sustained vocals, enjoy 67 new sounds for the Sample & Granular engine.

_36 new noise types

Expanding Pigments’ Utility Engine Noise modules, this fresh selection includes smooth impulses, nature sounds, industrial tools, and more.

Pigments 4 sound banks

An exclusive selection of fresh sounds pushing Pigments’ new features to the limit. Each bank includes 150 presets, exploring the bold, colorful, exploratory sounds that Pigments is renowned for. Available now on the Arturia Sound Store, and free for new users.

Wavelengths Lo-fi

The chillest beatmaking palette you’ve never heard, perfect for adding retro color and character to hip hop, trap, and electronic mixes. Grainy pads, overcooked bass, laid back percussive textures, and beyond.

Wavelengths Neuro Bass

Deeper & darker frequencies that hit different. Reach new levels of crushed, gnarled, earth-shaking bass using Pigments’ engines, filters, and FX, and discover a low end that takes no prisoners.

Wavelengths Cinematic

Discover new shades of ambience and impact alike, with evocative and powerful sounds for contemporary film score and library composition. From tender to colossal, this Pigments pack delivers big-screen sound in style.

Pigments Features:

Blend any two engines in parallel, with a choice of:

  • Harmonic engine for powerful additive synthesis
  • Sample and granular engine (with hundreds of built-in samples)
  • Advanced Wavetable engine (with over 160 wavetables)
  • Virtual Analog triple OSC engine
  • CrossMod feature allows one engine to become a modulation source for the other

Third Utility engine

  • Analog-style oscillator layer with 5 waveforms and 6-octave range
  • Dual noise sample players with built-in sample library

Dual filters

  • 12 filter types to choose from, including the new Jup-8 V filter
  • Classic filter types from V Collection instruments
  • Modern filter types
  • Multimode comb filter
  • Continuous series/parallel routing

Advanced FX section

  • 18 algorithms to choose from, including new Multiband compressor
  • Dedicated distortion module with 16 distortion types, from germanium to wavefolding
  • Insert or Send routing
  • 2 FX buses and 1 FX send
  • Modulable parameters

Advanced modulation system:

  • Modulate anything with anything with a click and drag
  • Multiple LFOs, envelopes, functions, random generators, and more
  • Graphical editing, source-based or destination based.

Visual interface: understand your sound

  • Graphical representation of the most important modules (wavetable, envelops, LFO morphing etc.)

Polyrhythmic Sequencer and Arpeggiator

  • Advanced randomization, quantization, and polyrhythm controls
  • Create complex, custom, and evolving sequences or arps

Extensive factory preset library

  • Over 1200 factory sounds, from trap to future bass to cinematic
  • Presets crafted by major artists and world-class sound designers
  • Highlighted ‘notes’ to show what parameters are recommended to tweak

Enhanced in-app tutorials