Artikkelnummer 9031636

EAW MK8196i

1x8" - Passive 2-way full-range loudspeaker - price on request

The MK8126i two-way loudspeaker system sets the new standard in installation performance by solving the chronic problems of compact two-way loudspeakers. Yet it’s size is actually smaller than many of the compact two-ways it outperforms.
  • Power Handling, AES Standard (Watts) Full Range: 300
  • Calculated Maximum Output (dB SPL) Full Range Peak: 125.8
  • Coverage Angles (h° x v°) 90 x 60
  • Dimensions Height 502
  • Width (Front) 298
  • Width (Rear) 152
  • Depth (Max) 280
  • Net Weight 14.1kg