Artikkelnummer 9029901

EAW LS832i White

Passive two-way column speaker. White - price on request

EAW’s LS832i line source loudspeaker system brings the classic column speaker up-to-date. Sophisticated frequency shading and all-pass filtering integrates the 8x4-in woofers and 3x 1-in soft dome tweeters, maximizing the benefits of line source coupling while eliminating grading lobes. The system maintains a well behaved nominal vertical coverage pattern of 20° to below 630 Hz. Even at 500 Hz, the vertical pattern is still 80° . With the enclosure baffle defining a gentle arc, the drivers form a curved line source to help prevent the vertical pattern from collapsing in the crossover region.
  • Line source loudspeakers with coherent, intelligble, consistent coverage from 200 Hz to 20 kHz
  • System includes 8x 4-in woofers and 3x 1-in soft dome tweeters
  • Sophisticated frequency shading produces coherent summation of the multiple drivers
  • Line source coupling effects keep vertical coverage narrow throughout the vocal range
  • Direct radiating drivers provide extra wide horizontal coverage
  • Low ceiling, hard floor – no problem
  • Height 1110
  • Width 159
  • Depth (max) 152
  • Depth (top) 133 Depth (bottom) 133
  • Weight: Net Weight 13.7kg