Distribution amplifier

Artikkelnummer 4862216

Kr 4850,00/stk


The Rane DA216S Distribution Amplifier is a two-input, sixteen-output splitter/distribution amplifier. The DA216S can provide sixteen discrete balanced outputs from one or two balanced mic-level or line-level inputs. The level of each output is individually adjusted via one of the sixteen screwdriver Output Level controls on the front panel. Each output may be assigned to either or both inputs via front panel accessible slide switches.

The Master A and B Level controls affect the overall level of each input. In other words, they allow all assigned outputs to be turned up or down at once. LEDs indicate an Overload (OL) at either the inputs or at the internal gain stages.

Each input is set to either Mic or Line level via the rear panel Input Pad push button. The separate Input Gain push button switches provide a microphone input with +60 or +40 dB of gain, or a line input with +20 or 0 dB of gain. With Input Gain, Master Levels and Output Levels, any reasonable input signal may be adjusted to a nominal +4 dBu and still have 17 dB of headroom. The Phantom Power switch provides +15 VDC for condenser microphones. Any input assigned to line-level has this phantom voltage turned off automatically. A rear-panel LED indicates when the Phantom Power is engaged.

Each output stage incorporates a high-current balanced output line driver for driving long lines with optimal performance. Euroblock wire range is #14 to #26 stranded or solid. The DA216S incorporates a 100-240 VAC internal universal voltage power supply, operable nearly anywhere in the world.

DA216S Features
  • (2) low-noise balanced inputs with overload indicators
  • Mic/Line input and gain switches; 40/60dB Mic, 0/20dB Line
  • Mic phantom power switch
  • Master input level controls
  • Outputs
    • A, B, A&B output assign switches
    • (16) balanced (terminal) outputs, individually assignable
    • Individual output level controls
    • Stable, high-current line drivers capable of driving 600Ω loads
    • Euroblock connectors included