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Grand Touring large format line array system -149.5 dB single unit!

( eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 2601015


Outline’s concept for GTO is to produce a large format line-source loudspeaker system that is flexible, adaptable, easy to use and which provides audio performance that meets the demands of the most discerning engineers, rental companies and production managers. GTO is an acronym for Grand Touring Outline, which describes our concept of a system engineered specifically for large-scale sound reinforcement applications.
GTO cabinets contain no less than ten transducers in a compact cabinet with an internal volume of just 340 litres (74.79 gals). It features four 3-inch diaphragm compression drivers, each loaded with our patented D.P.R.W.G. (first used in Butterfly), and whose combined output is channelled through a single output slot. Four 8-inch drivers produce the midrange frequencies, which are output via the same horizontal dispersion waveguide as the HF. Two 15-inch cone transducers generate the low frequency range, providing tremendous depth, articulation and fast transient response.
Despite the very high concentration of individual transducers within a GTO cabinet, we have managed to keep the weight down to just 96 kg (212 lb). The design contains a number of weight-saving components, but the greatest contribution to this success is the use of a space-age aluminium alloy from the aerospace industry, which we have used for the integrated flying hardware in preference to steel. This innovation reduces the percabinet weight of the hardware by 66%, yet is strong enough to fly up to 24 GTO cabinets with a total weight of 2.4 tons.

  • (-10 dB) 35 Hz ÷ 18 kHz
  • (±3 dB) 50 Hz ÷ 18 kHz

  • Horizontal 90°
  • Vertical Depending on array configuration

    Low (min) 2 x 8 Ω (min 6.5 Ω)
    Mid (min) 8 (6.8 @)
    High (min) 16 (15.3 @)

  • Cont.Low 2x600, Mid 800, High 500
  • Peak Low 2x2400, Mid 3200, High 2000

    MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, half-space
  • 149,5 dB SPL

    MAX SHORT-TERM SPL @ 1 m, free-field,
    4 BOXES, (simulated at 20 m - referred at 1 m)
  • 157.5 dB SPL

  • Low 2 x 15” hybrid band-pass loaded woofers
  • Mid 4 x 8” NdFeB partially horn loaded mid-woofer
  • High 4 x 3” diaphragm NdFeB compression driver loaded by 2 double V-coupled D.P.R.W.G.

  • 96 kg (212 lb)

  • Height 465 mm
  • Width 1126 mm
  • Depth 655 mm


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