Eden TN210 4ohm Terra Nova cabinet

Et kompakt men kraftfullt 2x10"-kabinett, perfekt for den lille riggen.

Artikkelnummer 2824321

Kr 3495,00/stk

The TN210 cabinet has been designed to provide professional hi fidelity bass tone and response for the gigging musician. Its ported and tuned design along with the use of separate tweeter allow this compact cabinet to not only sound larger than life but also deliver exceptional response and harmonic detail.

The TN210, paired with a TN226, is a compact and punchy rig, perfect for clubs, bars or rehearsals.

  • Tuned and ported cabinet with internal bracing for optimum projection
  • Eden spec tweeter with plastic horn housing and on/off switch
  • Coated steel kick grill, carpet covering and plastic impact corners for durability
  • Inputs: 2x Combination ¼” Speakon sockets
  • Power Handling: 300W
  • Speaker configuration: 2x10"
  • 40cm x 57,6cm x 40,5cm.
  • 21,85 kg