Samson SRK Pro16

19" universal equipment rack - 16HE

Artikkelnummer 1518436

Kr 5295,00/stk

The SRK Pro 16 is constructed of commercial-grade cold-rolled steel with fully enclosed side panels, as well as adjustable (4-position) front and rear rack rails that offer a highly accommodating maximum depth of 24". The top and side panels feature perforations for passive ventilation, while the top and bottom panels include knockouts for wiring accessibility. The SRK Pro 16 can be set upon the included casters for easy transport or the included rack feet for fixed installation.

  • 84x58x61 cm
  • 64st Rack screws
  • Commercial-grade cold rolled steel construction with fully enclosed sides

  • Adjustable (4-position) front and rear rack rails
  • Casters included for easy transport
  • Rack feet included for fixed installation
  • 440lb of weight capacity
  • Compatible with U.S. and European screw thread sizes (hardware included)
  • Top and side perforations for passive ventilation
  • Top and bottom knockouts for wiring accessibility
  • Black brushed, anodized finish
  • Samson SRK Pro Metal doors available separately