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Arturia MicroFreak Vocoder Edition


Arturia now MicroFreak with a vocoder function.


Following its first successful firmware update at NAMM 2020, Arturia is now keeping the freak pace by announcing an outstanding new update that will allow all MicroFreak users to resynthesize human voice signals or any audio input into the device!

This new exciting feature is celebrated with a gorgeous special edition – with a gooseneck microphone included!

A new vocoder function

A secret revealed

Who would have thought that such a huge feature would be even possible with the MicroFreak? Our engineers have carefully worked on finding the perfect techniques to unlock MicroFreak’s full potential.

Vocoder mode

With the vocoder oscillator selected and the paraphonic mode on, you will be able to hear up to 4 synthesized vocal notes when playing a chord and singing into the microphone. But the vocoder function is not exclusively for vocals: if you have the right connector, you can use this function as an effects processor to resynthesize your audio input.

New knob functions

When using the vocoder function, turn the wave knob to produce sawtooth, pulse or noise waveforms. Roll the timbre knob to change the frequency range of the analysis/ resynthesis. Finally, the shape knob sets the bandwidth of each filter.




  • MicroFreak Vocoder Edition takes the hybrid Freak formula and tips it over the edge with a 16-band Vocoder mode, a detachable gooseneck mic and a sleek new look.
    3725,- /stk
    (2980,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 2405441
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