PRS – NAMM 2021

SE Zach Myers SE Zach Myers

A "Myers Blue" version of the Zach Myers SE model.

”The appointments we selected for this guitar, I feel, make it one of the best guitars you buy on the market right now – no matter the price point…even though this guitar is priced for everyone to afford. I hope players of all styles and levels enjoy it.” – Zach Myers

The SE Zach Myers is packed with features that will satisfy even the most demanding musicians. Featuring a chambered mahogany body with maple cap, flame maple veneer, and single f-hole, the SE Zach Myers provides smooth mid-range tones with a natural, resonant internal reverb.

Available now.

SE Kingfisher SE Kingfisher

The SE Kingfisher bass in a Faded Blue Wraparound Burst finish.

The SE Kingfisher has a modern signature sound that will grab your attention. Dual humbucking pickups give sparkling top end with a high midrange growl to give the Kingfisher a personality that will cut through the mix while holding down the band with its sweet warm fundamental tone.

Available now.


This modern classic now comes in a host of new finishes.

The SE Custom 24 is a modern classic with roadworthy durability, addictive playability, and wide array of tones, making it a perfect workhorse guitar. Now PRS has added yet another round of new, beautiful finishes to the line.

Available now.


Now available in Eriza Verde and Vintage Sunburst colors.

These Custom 24s comes with a total of 8 pickup configurations, still retaining all the foundational specs of the instrument, while taking the Custom platform to new sonic territories. Like the Core Series instrument, the SE Custom 24-08 features two mini-toggle coil tap switches that individually split the humbuckers into true single coils for a total of eight pickups configurations.

Available now.

SE Starla Stoptail SE Starla Stoptail

SE-version of the vintage vibrant PRS Starla model in Black and Powder Blue

With its retro-inspired vibe and appointments, the SE Starla Stoptail is an approachable but distinctive guitar. The all-mahogany body paired with a two-piece adjustable stoptail bridge offers a woody, warm midrange tone, while the DS-02 treble and bass pickups add a bright high-end bark that allows the SE Starla Stoptail to cut through the mix. Tone, feel, and style are all waiting for you with the SE Starla Stoptail.

Available now.


Vintage Cherry 2021

The SE version of the highly acclaimed PRS Mira model is now available in a delicious Vintage Cherry finish.

Available now.

SE PE20/P20E SE PE20/P20E

Parlor-sized acoustics, now in Tobacco Sunburst.

Last spring saw the arrival of the PRS SE Tonare Parlor acoustic guitars. A Tobacco Sunburst version is now added to the line. While boasting traditional parlor features like sweet, midrange tone, historic vibe, and easy portability; these instruments also brings a true unique voice to players. The PRS hybrid “X”/Classical bracing locks down the back and sides while allowing the top to freely vibrate, allowing the it to project with even, bold tone, while the all-mahogany construction provides an organic warmth to the guitar. The P20E adds Fishman GT1 Electronics.

ETA: Winter 2021.

SE Custom Mark Tremonti SE Custom Mark Tremonti

Charcoal Burst 2021

The SE version of the highly acclaimed PRS Mark Tremonti model is now available in this beautiful Charcoal Burst finish.

Available now.

SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow

SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollow in Santana Yellow

2021 welcomes the semi-hollow SE Custom 22 in this yellow finish – the Santana Yellow nonetheless!

Available now.

PRS Fiore Sugar Moon PRS Fiore Sugar Moon

Bolt-On Signature model by Mark Lettieri of Snarky Puppy fame

"All guitarists have a sound in their head – a sound that evolves and grows as they progress, discovering all of the beautiful idiosyncrasies that define their individual voice. To facilitate this process, players need a vibrant, dynamic guitar that becomes a free space in which their personality can unfold. PRS and I designed Fiore (Italian for ‘flower’) to be this guitar.” – Mark Lettieri

The PRS Fiore model continues PRS Guitars’ journey into the bolt-on, single-coil guitar world. Developed with guitarist, composer, producer, and instructor Mark Lettieri, the PRS Fiore offers a modern aesthetic, effortless playability, and an addictive and sophisticated tonal canvas.

ETA: Summer 2021.