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HXM HD-007-MK2 Digital Drum set



Digital drum set with cymbals and rack. The Mk 2 version is more powerful than ever. New electroncis, more and improved sounds. HXM Digital drums represents yet another new step forward in this price range: very affordable and high-quality electronics as well as the hardware.

4395,- /stk
(3516,- eks MVA)
Artikkelnr: 3801107


  • 8” Snare-pad with 3 zones and rimshot function
  • 6” Bass Drum pad
  • 7” Tom Tom pads (3pcs)
  • 12” Crash Cymbal pad with choke function
  • 12” Ride Cymbal pad
  • 8” Hihat Cymbal pad and Hihat controller
  • 10 Preset Drum Set sounds
  • Sound module, aluminium rack, clamps, mounts, and cables. (throne and bass drum pedal not included)
Sound Module:
  • 275 Sounds, 10 preset and 10 user drum sets, 52 demo songs (with. or without drums), 10 recordable songs, metronome, digital reverb, headphones out, line in/out and USB.


  • Hardware pack including Mapex Tornado bass drum pedal and throne. Perfect add-on kit that makes a great addition to kits that don't come supplied with their own throne or pedal. Chrome.
    675,- /pk
    (540,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 4045120
  • Dette prisgunstige trommeteppet har alt det man kan forvente fra et bra trommeteppe.
    495,- /stk
    (396,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1712204
  • Samsons SR850 er profesjonelle referanshodetelefoner.
    495,- /stk
    (396,- eks MVA)
    Artikkelnr: 1517850

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