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KORG Liverpool Arranger Keyboard


An arranger keyboard with 100 classic songs from Lennon & McCartney. Back in the 60’s.An unparalleled musical force a songwriting duet unlike any other. Lennon & McCartney literally changed the face of music in the 1960’s and well beyond. As the driving creative force behind the world’s most recognizable and commercially successful band, their music still resonates with all of us today, and will continue to inspire musicians and music lovers for decades to come.Wouldn't you love to experience playing these classic songs, or along with them? Now, there’s a keyboard that lets you so just that the KORG Liverpool.

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(4312,- eks MVA)
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Korg har siden 70-tallet lagd synther og er fremdeles ledende i utviklingen av nye produkter. Denne familien av instrumenter er stor og her finner du bl. a komplette studio som Kronos Workstation, nye analoge og klassiske vintagesynther samt stage-pianoer og keyboards med komp.

The Liverpool has 100 of Lennon & McCartneys timeless songs built into its memory. Start by listening to these “Liverpool Songs.” When you hear those familiar introductions from the internal speakers, just use your right hand to add the piano, and you’ll be playing along. You can practice at a slower tempo without changing the pitch or transpose to your liking, mute the bass for minus-one playing, mute the guitar and play along on a real guitar, or enjoy many other possibilities that are unique to a musical instrument performance.

Once you’ve experienced the songs, try using the Styles. Although you can enjoy the Liverpool as a music player simply by playing back these familiar songs, taking advantage of the styles will let you freely change the song structure and chords while you perform. Play back the “Liverpool Styles” which are arranged in alphabetical order just like the built-in songs, and add an accompaniment by using your left hand to play the chords. Each style has up to four functions, and also allows you to add an intro, fill, and ending. Since you can practice difficult passages such as just the intro or the bridge as many times as you like, you’ll be able to keep trying until you’ve learned the entire song. This flexibility also lets you freely create new arrangements of your favorite songs that go beyond the “LP.” Looking to use Liverpool in a live setting? You can jam on that solo from (insert song here) to keep your audience going, all to your heart’s content. When you’re ready, hit the ending button, wait for applause, and repeat.

In addition to the 64 Lennon & McCartney Styles, Liverpool also includes Styles inherited from the microARRANGER, KORG’s compact and powerful arranger keyboard. Choose a Style in your favorite genre, play the chords in the left hand and melody in the right hand, and the ideas in your head will instantly take shape.

Although you can enjoy the Liverpool on your own, its high-quality sounds also make it a great choice as a keyboard for a band. With standard keyboard sounds such as piano, electric piano, and organ, as well as guitar, bass, strings, brass, and drum sounds that can also be used with the styles, this instrument is all you need to cover a wide range of sounds. Four stereo effects are also built-in, letting you add finishing touches to your overall sound from performance to output.

If you’re ready to rock, don’t settle for a drab color! The Liverpool is as deeply rooted in its look as it is in its content, with a panel sporting a bold British flag (Union Jack) design.

The Liverpool comes standard with stereo speakers. Even without using an amp or headphones, you can produce sound from the instrument itself. It’s also compact; merely 88 cm wide and weighing only 4.2 kg. It doesn’t require much space, and it’s convenient to carry.

An SD card slot is provided for expansion. Bonus styles and programs provided on the KORG.com webpage All about Arrangers (http://www.korg.com/us/features/arrangers/) can be loaded from your PC via an SD card into the Liverpool’s user bank for use.


  • 61-key Natural Touch mini-keyboard (velocity sensitive)
  • OPOS – Objective Portable Operating System: Multitasking System, load while playing, Feature, Upgradeable Operating System, SSD Solid State Disk
  • Tone generator: HI synthesis (Hyper Integrated synthesis system)
  • Voice Polyphony: 62 voices, 62 oscillators. Filters with resonance
  • Waveform Memory: 32 MB PCM ROM (with Stereo Piano Sound)
  • Multi Timbre: Internal = 40 tracks (2 x 16 Tracks in Sequencer, 4 Keyboard Tracks, 4 Pad Tracks)
  • Effects: 4 stereo digital Multi-Effect systems (89 effect types)
  • Programs/ Drum Kits. Preset: 662 Preset programs (including a Stereo Piano and 256 “GM level 2 programs”) 33 drum kits (including 9 GM level 2 drum kits) 128 user programs + 64 user drum kits, Easy and Full Program Editing.
  • Styles: Up to 240 Styles in Solid State Disk + 48 user styles, all reconfigurable; up to 8 accompaniment tracks, All Style Performances are programmable (except the Liverpool style), (Includes 4 Single Touch Settings for each style)
  • Style Elements: Intro 1/2, Ending 1/2, Fill1/2, Count In/Break, 4 Variations, Each style can memorize Max. 36 Chord Variations
  • Performances: 160 real-time Performances + up to 240 Styles Performances, With 4 Single Touch Settings
  • Display: Backlit custom LCD (Black-and-White) Lyric Display (English Only)
  • Controls: General Controls: Joystick, Dial. Programmable Control: 1 Slider
  • Real-time Controls: Master Volume, Acc/Seq Real-time Volume Balance
  • Switches: STS (Single Touch Setting). Style elements, Start/Stop, Transpose (b/#),Bass Inversion, Memory, Manual Bass, Split Point, Groove Quantize, Fade In/Out, TAP Tempo, Synchro, Start/Stop, Ensemble, Chord Scanning (Lower / Upper), Keyboard Mode (Lower, Full Upper), Tempo Lock, Octave (-/+), Multi PAD: 4 assignable pads + Stop button.
  • Sequencer Song Sequencer:Play (Song Play)/ Record (Realtime / Step)/ Edit. 16 Multi track, Max = 56,000 events (approximately), It corresponds to SMF (Format o and 1)
  • Backing Sequencer: Play / Record (Realtime / Step)/ Edit
  • Song Play: XDS* Cross fade Dual Sequencer player , 2 Sequencers with separate Start/Stop, Pause, ´<< Rew’ and ‘>> FF’ controls; Balance control, Lyrics are displayed on-screen, Jukebox Function, SMF Direct Player (format 0 and 1)
  • Others: Realtime Track: Keyboard Track (Upper 1/2/3, Lower). PAD Track (4 truck)
  • Memory: Internal Flash Memory = 8MB for Operating System, Musical resource.
  • Control Inputs: Damper Pedal, Assignable pedal/switch x 1
  • Audio Outputs: Left/mono, Right, Headphone (Mini Stereo Jack)
  • Audio Inputs: Mini Stereo Jack
  • MIDI:In, Out
  • Data Storage: SD/SDHD cards, Multi Media Card (MMC)
  • Main Amplifier: 2x 5 Watt
  • Speakers: 10cm x 2 Single cone speakers (Open Air type)
  • Power Supply DC12V(Adapter)
  • Dimensions: (W x D x H) 873 x 277 x 91 mm / 34.37" x 10.91" x 3.58" inches (microARRANGER w/o music stand)
  • Weight: 4.2 Kg / 9.26 lbs. (microARRANGER w/o music stand)
  • Included items: Quick Start Guide, Adaptor, Music Stand, Accessory Discs
  • Accessories: EXP-2 Foot Controller, DS-1H Damper Pedal
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